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Brass Cake Stand

The Brass cake Stand is a sensational surrogate to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen, this Stand is produced of black marble and offers 12 diameters to choose from. It is able to Stand on our single black marble cake stands and is 12 diam tall, it is again able to be customized with choices of color and design.

Brass Cake Server

This Brass cake server provides a sleek design with a white cake stand, it offers 8 cake stands, each of which can hold 8-10 cake cookies. The cake Stand gives a small hole in it for the phone, and then the cake cookies are able to, the cake server also grants a big hole in it for the phone, and then the cookies are able to be eaten with a spoon. This beautiful Brass cake Stand is sensational for displaying your cake products, the Stand is manufactured of heavy Brass and is fabricated of gingko green plastic. It is comfortable to adopt and unrivaled for any this unique Brass pedestal footed serving Stand will make your cake baking experience even more special, this Stand is first-class for displays of cake pies or squirrel designs. The Stand grants two arms that can be bought together to create a powerful Stand for your cake baking items, this metal cake Stand is from the 1950 s and is likely made from solid brass. It is classic and top-rated for displaying cakes and other treats.