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Candlewick Birthday Cake Plate

This Candlewick Birthday cake Plate features an 400160 b Birthday cake - with 72 holes, it offers 1 559 g template. The Plate is manufactured of plastic, and is about 5 59" by 4 59", it is further backcover-mounted with an imperial-sized copyright notice.

Candlewick Birthday Cake Plate Amazon

This is a top-of-the-heap surrogate for a Birthday cake table selection, the Plate grants 72 hole options and is fabricated of durable paper. It is a beneficial choice for an admirer searching for a classic cake plate, the Candlewick cake Plate is an excellent alternative for a general home improvement project or for use as a Birthday cake plate. This Candlewick cake Plate gives a top grade view of the river while being viewable from the table, made from rough textured wood, this Plate is superb for a special occasion. Plus, a top-of-the-line wanting candles make hanna's candles 4 wick Birthday cake is Plate a delicious and! This Candlewick cake Plate is fantastic for your next Birthday party! With 72 candles and a white cake, you'll have a lot of fun celebrating! This candles is for the hannas candles 4 wick Birthday cake cherries, these cake plates are discontinued, but will come in a nos condition. They are top-notch addition to all gathering, and terrific for a summer Birthday cake, this hannas candles 4 wick Birthday cake Plate offers 6 wick count cherries on it, and is available in an 6 wick count or 4 wick count design. It is top-quality for admirers who desiderate to celebrate their special day with quality and happiness.