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Diaper Cake

Our 3 tier Diaper cake is excellent for any occasion! Add a little fun to your life with this colorful cake and see how much fun you can have, the tiers are in different colors and the cake is set with a colorful peanut elephant. So happy and let us make sure you have a fun day.

How To Make A Diaper Cake For A Girl

This is a three-tier Diaper cake that peerless for a kid's up-and-coming kitchen, the lower tier is manufactured of eucalyptus green with burlap (the set includes a burlap-lined Diaper bag and burlap curtains), while the higher tier is a standard Diaper cake with an eucalyptus green with crushed tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. This set comes with a baking dish and reddit's popular and effortless to follow guide on making a Diaper cake, this is an 3 tier Diaper cake with a blue and gray color scheme. The layers are set with delicious little peanut elephants in between, the cake is enticing for your child's 4 th of july pirate ship ride or any other day problems arise. This small Diaper cake is splendid for a baby shower or special occasion, the blush pink and silver chevron pattern is called out for the girl baby as she stands in front of the shower. The cake is 3 tiers with a centerpieces of white rice and onions, there as well a small tool box on one end that can be used for larger tools. The cake is again covered in small who and devil's horns, this is a delicious baby Diaper cake that will be loved by all that see it. With a center piece that is manufactured of shiny glass, washcloth lollipop Diaper cake is going to be a popular addition to each baby shower.