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Fake Cake

This is a very unique and unique scouring chocolate pink cake that is covered in cherries, it extends an 7 x5 box and as well packaged with a chocolates. This could be a top-of-the-line gift for that special someone who is wanting for an unique and customized gift.

Fake Birthday Cake

This Fake birthday cake is fabricated from carrots! It is produced to look like a cupcake by incorporating a Fake cup into the cake, the cake is furthermore falsified to have a Fake id that it brings in as a prop. This is a Fake cake that was made in a white cake shop, the cake is 7 x5 with straws in it. It is labelled as "faux handmade white cake", you will need franks spicy hot than an inch of fabric. This cake is bound to be a hit at their birthday, this is a Fake pink lace cake. It was made with help of a wedding cake photo and prop, the cake is display to promote their Fake pink lace wedding.