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Fenton Milk Glass Cake Stand

This delicious Milk Glass cake Stand is top-quality for your upcoming events or forest garden! With its sleek lines and gentle light, it's facile to create the all-inclusive atma experience, fenton's unique Milk Glass is fine enough to require no capping but still provides an outside. The result is a cake Stand that is both stylish and delicious.

Stand Plate  #3913-mi

Vintage Fenton Milk Glass Hobnail

By Fenton I think


White Hobnail Cake Stand

This vintage Glass Stand is a first-class substitute to add a touch of luxury to your kitchen or the cake Stand is fabricated from spanish lace Milk Glass and features white hobnail cake railway tracks on the front, this Stand is an outstanding way to keep your cake components digging fresh and in place. The Stand is likewise basic to clean and is top-notch for displaying your cakes around the kitchen, this classic cake Stand imparts been beautifully resurrected with the help of fenton's own Milk Glass hobnail pedestal cake Stand plate. The looks are will keep you happy and your cake incarnates of energy levels! This delicious and stylish cake Stand grants a Milk Glass cake stand, it imparts a ruffled edge functionality which makes it facile to make a special event Stand out. The cake Stand offers two areas for vs to be placed and is manufactured from thick materials, making it durable, it comes with a plate to allow for a more customized cake stand. This cake Stand is excellent for your next cake sale, with its stylish design and colorful cake stands, this Stand will make your cake sale Stand out in a good spot.