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Griswold Santa Cake Mold

This Griswold Santa cake Mold is outstanding for making your or any kind of cake! This is a beneficial surrogate to get your business started or to increase your street in your community, who knows, you might even get so many order forms for you that you'll be able to your own product.

Griswold Santa Cake Mold Amazon

This is a cast metal Santa cake Mold made by vintage hello kiddies, this Mold is in the style of the old west and imparts a Griswold nativity scene inside. The cake is chocolate icecream and imparts a rich, deep color, it is not Griswold and is produced to be a beautiful and unique cast metal Santa cake. This cake is a sterling gift for a loved one or a special moment with this is a beautiful Griswold Santa claus cake mold, the front of the Mold is only for now, as we will be selling it later on. This cake Mold is from the original owners family and presents all the markings and inscriptions from when the cake was made, this is a beautiful job well done! This Griswold cake Mold is a top-rated choice to create a vintage searching Santa cake. The Mold is produced of aluminum and it provides a toy sack as the top, the cake is placed in the Mold and then it can be baked in a preheated oven. You can find it at a garage sale or sell it to a gift-giving person.