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Heavy Metal Birthday Cake

This Heavy Metal cake plate stand is enticing for your 1-10 set cakes! It features a center handle that allows you to stand them up and use as a stand for painting, and also fitting hardware to keep the cake stable, the 3 tier center handle is fantastic for that next big project.

Heavy Metal Birthday Cake Walmart

If you're wanting for a delicious Heavy Metal cake party cake, then you need to inquire into we have a wide variety of Heavy Metal cake ideas to choose from, whether you want a traditional cake or a more of a Heavy Metal theme, we've got you covered! Plus, our Heavy Metal cake varieties are always first-rate for a special event. So come on over and join the fun! This Heavy Metal cake plate stand will help your cake getting up and running quickly and efficiently, the 3 tier center handle fits most cakes perfectly and makes it straightforward to move it around. The Heavy Metal cake stand also extends nice features like- a comfortable handle and hardware rod, this is a Heavy Metal cake box filled with helium balloons! The cake will be shaped like a balloon and will be weighting down with lead weights. The balloons are going to be funnelled into small and topped with helium balloons! Looking for a delicious Heavy Metal Birthday cake? Look no more than our Heavy Metal Birthday cake plates! These perfect-sized cake plates are excellent for biz or offline wedding party you may have, whether you're searching to add a bit of extra excitement to your party or just keep your guests entertained with their own Heavy Metal cake recipes, our Heavy Metal cake plates are top-notch option.