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Lamb Cake

This aluminum Lamb cake mold is excellent for your antique or classic cake shop! It's durable and effortless to clean, and it's sure to impress your guests.

Sheep Cake Pan

This Lamb cake mold is an unique item from the classic series, it is 866 Lamb cake mold and it is produced of paper. This mold is original and it is in top-rated condition, this mold grants 8 6 x8 inch size on it. It renders a white covering that shows off the numerals on the machine, the mold is produced of plastic and it is covered in a high-quality fabric that is used on the sides of the mold. The cake is cooked in a large electric oven and then it is baked in the oven for a quick and uncomplicated holiday cake, this is a very credible and old 3 d Lamb cake mold. It is manufactured of aluminum and is in first-rate condition, it is for use with 2105-9412 easter eggs. This is a best-in-class vintage Lamb cake mold cast iron 866, this mold is 866 hardness and is still in exceptional condition. It is further sturdy and can hold a large Lamb cake, this mold is a peerless way for your bakelite cake or eggnog. This is a vintage cast iron Lamb cake mold for your kitchen, it is in outstanding condition with no failures to armor. The mold renders a history of being used for this purpose, it is moreover time efficient because it is manufactured from anodized aluminum. This mold is for use with a countertop oven or oven for baking.