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Mickey Mouse Cake

Looking for a delicious and fun cake to top your event? Check out our Mickey Mouse cake topper! This delicious item will make your event that much more enjoyable.

Mickey Cake Pan

This cute Mickey cake pan will make you party complete! This fun and unique pan is manufactured of plastic and is prime for any Mickey themed party, the Mickey cake pan can also be personalized with your desired text or image. This top-of-the-line for all your Mickey themed needs! This is a fun play set for Mickey and minnie, the set includes an 6 figure cake and a topper. The cake is filled and there is a Mickey Mouse symbol on the top, the topper is a dress with a beanie and a key ring. It is top-quality for up to 12 years old, this Mickey Mouse and minnie Mouse bride groom wedding cake topper 2 pc set is an outstanding addition to your kitchen or wedding decor. This cake mold features Mickey Mouse and minnie Mouse together in a sweet wedding cake setting, it is produced of durable plastic and provides a clear top so you can see how it looks. The cake mold is undrafted and offers an one-inch rise, it is in like manner open at the top for accessed of any frosting. The top clear top also makes it effortless to remove any frosting, for a customize your Mickey Mouse and minnie Mouse wedding cake topper 1 pcs set, go to our biz and select "other products". This Mickey Mouse full body cake pan is first-rate for your next disney cake event! It imparts plenty of space to work with and is manufactured of dale pvc cake topper material, the Mickey Mouse is a bright green completely body paint and there are some top grade Mickey Mouse features including a front view and a back view. The cake is then firm to the touch and presents a few help lines to help it rise, it is then filled with the cake and pins for an amazing and delicious Mickey Mouse cake.