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Moon Cake Mold 200g

This is a beautiful and basic to handle Moon cake Mold for modern sites, it is exquisite for creating cakes or cookies from scratch! This Mold is also with stamps from diy tool to create an outstanding every day experience.

Top 10 Moon Cake Mold 200g

This is an 100 g 3 d Mold fish Mold that you can use to create bath bombs and eggs, the Mold is manufactured out of durable 3 d material and it is uncomplicated to clean. This is an enticing little mug set for the moon, the mug with its own Moon cake Mold and jelly is a beneficial alternative to show off biz in a special place. The other mug with the 2 piglets is top for adding to someone's list of favorite flavors, this is an 3 d Moon cake Mold that we can use to create Moon cakes. It comes with an 100 g batch of Moon cake bombers and a jelly mold, we can either use the Moon cake Mold to create our Moon cakes or we can use it as a shape-able cake bowl. The Moon cake Mold is a first rate addition to your kitchen, it can be used to create a variety of delicious food-grade plastic dishes. The Moon cake Mold can also be used to create beautiful Moon cakes.