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Samyang Rice Cake

This is a delicious and spicy Rice cake made with spicy chicken and honey Rice cake mix, it is first-rate for a hot cup of coffee or a cold one.

Samyang Spicy Rice Cake

This Samyang spicy Rice cake is valuable for a quick and basic meal, with a luxurious and rich spicy flavor, this Rice cake is exceptional for the coffee lover in your life. Serve with some salad or a serving of baked sweet potato for a delicious and hearty meal, Samyang Rice cake is a Rice cake that is produced with a stir-fry of Rice and spices. It is then boiled with water or milk to make it into a this gives the cake a spiced taste and a splendid level of weight to its otherwise simple taste, this Rice cake is very spicy and imparts hot fire chicken in it. It is stir-fried with and tteokbokki dough, and it is very delicious, it is a top-of-the-heap dish to serve with a drink. This Rice cake is fabricated with a stir-fried flour dumpling technique, the Rice is soaked in a spicy kimchi and then cooked, making it tender and slightly pink. The is then pickled in a (green sauce), the is served with soy sauce and Samyang tteokbokki (carrot cake soup).