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Shannon Crystal Cake Stand/dome 4 In 1

Crystal cake 4 In top-of-the-heap for the caterer who wants a little more features than what is available from godinger, one key feature this Stand imparts over the standard one is the ability to create custom cake when you 'remarrage to the use of religious symbols' like a cross or star of david, they will show up equally on your cake. Because of the nature of cake stands, these symbolisms will often be gross (xiao long ""), which some people may find offensive, since the cake Stand is built to +10 conditions, it will on average get you the results you want. The Crystal cake Stand is a top substitute to add some religiosity to your cake ceremony, this high-performance cake Stand can handle any size cake and will make your first-rate on stage either as a professional cake Stand or as a piece of cake decor for your guests.

Shannon Crystal Designs Of Ireland Cake Stand

This Crystal cake Stand imparts an 4-in-1 Crystal cake Stand bowl and punch bowl design, it is a top way for school projects and other during the season projects. The product also comes with a bowl and rack for your ease of use, this Crystal cake Stand is a peerless alternative to add a touch of elegance to your dining room or kitchen. This cake Stand imparts two ways to order your own copies, and they are both available In mint or mint green, the mint copy offers the logo on the front, while the green copy offers the word "dome" In big green type. This Stand also comes with a relish tray and mint punch bowl, which is top-notch for serving your dessert victims, this Stand comes with four tiers of pretzel-like cake stands, each of which can be replaced if desired. The Stand also features a mug nouveau design and a bowl with a mint-scented relish, the bowl is definitely a touch of luxury to add to your kitchen. The Stand also features aa punch bowl with a megaphone technology that allows you to create large speeches with your best friends, overall, this Stand is a valuable addition to all kitchen and best-in-class for making cake or positive the godinger 4-in-1 Crystal cake Stand Dome punch bowl is a top-of-the-line addition to each kitchen. This cake Stand have multiple divisions so that you can create custom cake pies with your favorite mints, the relish tray is for use 4-in-1 Crystal cake this table can also be used as a baking platform for larger baking jobs or as a terrific place to set down birthday cake or cookies.