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Sherlock Holmes Cake

This cake is an unique and fun surrogate to entries your next store, with different colors and flavors of sugar and spice, scooby doo Sherlock Holmes pvc mini figure 2008 charter cake is sure to please. This cake is a top-of-the-line surrogate to while away the night or while you work on a project, whether you’re scouring to take a break from work or to work on your project, this cake is a sterling way to dessert.

Sherlock Holmes Cake Ebay

This cake mold is fantastic for decorating your cookie cutter cake tins! It is fabricated from a soft fondant cake decorating mold and can be made to all desired design, it is in like manner basic to adopt and gets the job done! This cookie cutter cake decorating mold is excellent for door 221 it is manufactured of artificial vegetable fat and it is light-up-time-compatible. It is further covered with Holmes cake decorating threads, this cake decorating mold is puissant for cake decorating or for making cookies. These vintage snoopy pvc figures are valuable substitute to add a touch of vintage excitement to your cake or cake dish! Each figure is approximately 5, 5" tall and comes with a cloth bow to complete the look! Plus, if you desire Sherlock holmes, this figure is an exceptional addition to your collection! This Sherlock Holmes cookie cutter fondant cake decorating mold is essential for any door 221 b cake decorating project! It offers a wide variety of door 221 b flavor options and can handle any cake decorating project you put on it.