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Urinal Cake

Looking for a delicious and eco-friendly alternative to celebrate those pesky janitorial hours? Then go over our Urinal cake - it's peerless for keeping your work area smelling great.

Where To Buy Urinal Cakes

This is a really fun and basic to follow guide on how to buy your own blue Urinal cake, not only will you be able to create a turn-based game with your friends, but you'll also get a high-quality cake that can be used for deodorizing. The cake will come with a case of 20, which is ticking off the years in which you've been able to deodorize! This pink Urinal cake is a practical surrogate to show off your office or work place! You can create a professional look by using a new 3 d wave odor control effect, plus, use this birthstone color to brighten any day bedroom. This scented Urinal cake is first-rate for your next party! The case of 60 is filled with naturals and perfumy scents, making it a safe and healthy investment for your next christmas gift, this 12 pack of Urinal cake is top-of-the-heap for keeping your workers from getting sick! They are served with a fantastic digging cake and a nice, sturdy box. This cake is practical for a quick and straightforward job, practical for keeping your team healthy and organized.